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Community is a big part of what we teach here in our camp  true brotherhood & Sisterhood.  If your hungry our desire is to be able to give you something to eat; If your thirsty we desire to be able to give you something to drink; if you have no one and feel like a stranger we desire to be able to help you; If you don't have clothes  our desire is to help you get clothes. If your sick we desire to help take care of you; If you find yourself in prison our goal is to some help and visited you. In other words we want to be FAMILY. Thanks giving can be tough for some families and there are people who live in the streets and probably won't have a thanksgiving meal well we want to invite you the Feast Of Hope. We will be feeding from 9am to 12pm come lets make everyone feel welcome.



Come to Our Event

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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