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   Founded in 2015 The Disciples is more than just a football program. We are a community built on DISCIPLINE DETERMINATION DEDICATION FAITH FAMILY FOOTBALL. We strive to push our athlete to pursue their dreams of academic excellence, artistic distinction, athletic glory, and spiritual growth.


        For 6 years, the disciples have help transformed many of men and now looks to have a bigger impact with youth. We see a need to help our inner city youth Touchdowns will Disappear. Scores Will Fade Away. But the Faces in this Room Will Live Forever. Off the field is the real mission of the Disciples, we want to utilize faith, family and football to instill lifes winning formula of Discipline Dedication Determination to target these alarming social realities:


  1. -Roughly 70 percent of all prisoners come from fatherless homes.

  2. -Approximately 80 percent of all rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes.

  3. -Seventy-one percent of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes.

  4. -Sixty-three percent of all teen suicides occur in homes where the father was absent or abusive.

  5. -On average, taxpayers spend more than $8 billion on high school dropouts for public assistance programs, such as food stamps.

  6. -High school dropouts earn an average of $260,000 less in their lifetime than graduates, giving our nation a cumulative loss of over $300 billion annually in earned taxable revenue.


    We want to build students characterized by curiosity, ambition and service to others. Our goal is for Disciples student take the lessons from sports  with them as they move on to some of the most prestigious universities and well into their professional lives in the worlds of medicine, law, technology, finance, education, entertainment, government, business and MINISTRY.


Whether you’re a student/athlete, a coach, parent, adult alumnus, lifetime parent, a uncle aunty or a grandparent, know that the Disciples is a place to call your home.


Thank you again for visiting our site and we look forward to the opportunity to see you in person. 

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